It’s Fall, Yall :)

Hello hello! Welcome to NOVEMBER! 🙂 I don’t know about yall, but I am beyond excited for this month! I just love the anticipation of Thanksgiving, and the feeling that Fall has set in! Last night was too fun, my husband agreed to dress up as a scarecrow with me. 🙂 We had good food, spent time with good friends & got a few good scares, too! Then I woke up this morning in such a festive mood! I just finished making a new recipe for cinnamon streusel coffee cake, & although the hubby thought it was delicious, I thought it fell a little bit flat! But before the season is over I am going to find the perfect recipe that I can share with yall. 🙂 For an early dinner tonight, I am going to make ravioli with a pumpkin alfredo sauce…my very first time trying this recipe & I have a great feeling about it! I will report back later tonight about it. 🙂

Over the season, you can expect to find festive recipes, decor, & fashion ideas on this page, so make sure you keep checking back & follow if you haven’t yet! Fall is such a fun season & definitely needs to be celebrated to the fullest. 🙂

“Let the whole earth be filled with His glory.” Psalm 72:19


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